Access, health & safety


The following guidance is essential in ensuring your safety whilst on site at Westbury Arts Centre, as well as while you are printmaking. Please read it carefully so that you can gain the most out of your creative experience. 


On site at Westbury Arts Centre


There is ample parking for cars on site beside the building. Kindly do not park on the grass.


Disabled access

There are 'disabled' parking bays. Access to the building is, however, via a gravel driveway, which may be difficult for some wheelchair users. Assistance may be needed and there is a wheelchair ramp to enter the front door. Access to the ground floor teaching room is easy from that point. There is no lift (or wheelchair accessible loo) in this building. Contact Vonnie, using the booking form, if you have any questions, special requirements, or concerns.


One-to-one sessions in Vonnie's studio
Vonnie's studio is on the first floor (upstairs). Unfortunately the studio is unsuitable for wheelchair access. The floor is also quite uneven in places despite the vinyl flooring (owing to the very old floorboards beneath); so, care should be taken on entry and when moving around the studio.


Signing in

You are required to sign in as a guest on entry to Westbury Arts Centre. The guest signing-in sheet is on the wall just inside the front door, to your left, as you enter. The guest sheet is the list on the right. The tutor will also record your attendance on site. 



If you hear the fire alarm, please leave the room calmly via the safest exit and proceed to the nearest door to leave the building. The congregation point is at the far corner of the front garden by the dome sculpture by the pond.


First aid

You are encouraged to bring your own plasters for this course just in case you injure yourself on the cutting tools. There is however a First Aid box on the work surface to the left of the sinks in the downstairs corridor. You are also required to report your injury in the accident file located in the same corridor.



If you do not have a mobile phone to dial 999, ask to use the tutor's phone (or ask the tutor to call the emergency services).



The downstairs toilet is underneath the blue staircase in the office corridor by the front door. There is also a toilet up the blue staircase, and straight ahead through the fire door. The toilet is on the left after the fire door.


Creative activity

Lino-printing involves the use of very sharp cutting tools and precision. Good hand dexterity and control is required; so do talk to Vonnie in advance if you might need assistance. There are 'workarounds' and alternative techniques to help those who might struggle with cutting; and Vonnie really wants to make this course welcoming and inclusive.


Working around other members of the group

It is important to be mindful of others in this class. Take care not to jog or lean on tables where people are using cutting tools; and take care around wet ink and wet prints. Everyone is strongly encouraged to either wear an apron, or old clothes... 


Safety & care of equipment

Lino-printing involves the use of very sharp cutting tools and careful precision. Please follow Vonnie's instructions on how to use, maintain and clean all equipment during and at the end of all sessions. 



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