Printmaking and me 

Printmaking transcends many genres and has had its place throughout history in many forms. It has fueled revolutions, informed readers, communicated ideas; and in its earliest form, represented thought to enable understanding. It can be large-scale or small-scale; mass-produced or unique... Everyone can make their mark...


Why do I make prints? I enjoy the process, the mental challenge and the constant conversation between positive and negative space... It takes time to do. It's physical. It involves looking, drawing, preparation, carving, inking, colour, pressing and everything in between. You can't do it quickly. It's a time-honoured traditional artform.  It takes patience, care, planning and sometimes a lot of repetition; but when it throws up wonderful and sometimes unexpected results and you gasp at what you've made, it's absolutely all worth it.

In my studio - I like to write printmaking phrases on my apron... Actually I restyled and 'pimped' my apron; and sewed on some Japanese Manga pockets. You gotta have pockets!!

'Wolverton works windows, view from inside' signed, numbered and matted, ready for sale...




I've been a bit concerned that my Caligo Safewash lino prints have still been tacky even after they've been hanging for months. It's not that they're wet, but the surface texture of the dry ink is prone to sticking to smooth surfaces... I made a little video about solving the problem...



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