New Zealand 2019


Jeff and I went to New Zealand for three weeks in February 2019. This blog is about our 'Walking in New Zealand' tour with 'Explore'. It comprises extracts from my diary, descriptions from the Explore itinerary, links to relevant websites and photos that we took on our travels. I hope this is useful to anyone who is thinking of going to New Zealand. 


The words that came to mind on the trip were:


Harmony, contradiction, geology, fire, ice, rock, water, life, death, abundance, extinction, nature, mankind, indigenous, invader, energy, fun, hope, creativity, ingenuity - and so much more...


New Zealand is truly awe-inspiring and thought prevoking...Take your ideology and prepare to be challenged...


Begin the journey...


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  • Janet Sampson (Tuesday, April 16 19 08:42 pm BST)

    What a fantastic memory. Lovely photos & I loved the details which you noted. Thank you for doing all the hard work for us!! Seeing your blog was really reliving a great time in the most beautiful country in the world, with lovely people.

  • Neill Joseph Curtin (Monday, April 15 19 11:40 pm BST)

    Keep in touch

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