My inspiration


My tastes and influences are eclectic; but here are links to artists whose work I really admire:


  • Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock artists, such as Hokusai and Hiroshige. These are perhaps the better known woodblock printers; but I admire the work of many more. I wrote my degree dissertations on the Japanese woodblock artists; and I think they taught me more about composition than I ever learned in my more traditional European art studies.
  • I'm a big Edward Bawden fan and I am lucky enough to have one of his original prints right outside my office door at work.
  • I am completely in love with the work of Norman Gilbert. There's something really wonderful about his use of colour and his composition. He is a real inspiration.
  • I've always enjoyed David Hockney's work; especially his later more recent works.
  • I love the work of fellow artist, extremely talented, industrious and creative 'Intrinsic Stitches' (a.k.a. Hillary Grayson), who continually supports fellow artists through social media; and who is also a Trustee at Westbury Arts Centre striving to preserve the architectural heritage of it's 16/17th-century house.
  • My good friend and dedicated textile artist, Jane Charles (aka 'Smallbeans'), who doesn't realise it, but by her very presence encourages me and other makers to carry on creating. Her community textile work is inspiring and her own work reflects her amazing sense of colour, originality and ingenuity.


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